Check out our new city map collection!

Wow, these maps took forever to do, but they are finally done!

Here’s a brief synopsis:

To do these I had to learn ArcGIS from scratch (believe me when I say I only learned enough to do these maps), figure out what GIS data I would need to download (what the hell is a shapefile? Remember, I had no clue in the beginning), find a place to download the data, add the data to ArcMap and clean it up so that it would only contain what I needed, and finally export the map in a format that I could work with in Adobe Illustrator.  Once I had the file open in Illustrator I was able to manipulate the colors and apply a color scheme/palette of my choosing.

These maps were 100% a labor of love that no doubt added  1 or 2 grey hairs to my head, giving me a total of 4 grey hairs!  The end result was well worth it in my opinion and learning ArcMap will no doubt come in handy in the future.

These maps are the individual parcels and streets that make up each city.  Every little block on each map is a piece of property owned by someone!  Each map can be purchased right here in our store —>  City Map Prints

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