Customer showed off one of my maps on Instagram!

I got a notification on my phone the other night from Instagram where one of my customers had posted one of my maps to their Instagram account!

Check it out:


ParMar Media on Instagram

Text only version of the comments:

canebrakerattler – I recently acquired this plaque from the US Geodetic and Coastal Survey Ship Davidson, which surveyed San Diego Bay back in 1975. I plan on pairing it with this beautiful reproduction map of the same area in 1857 from @parmar_media. I love finding things like these two!
parmar_media@canebrakerattler – that is so awesome! ? THANK YOU so much! When I saw the name Whit I thought it sounded familiar, but it wasn’t until now that I put everything together! Seriously, thank you for the orders and thank you for the post!
canebrakerattler – Absolutely @parmar_media! You have such great stuff, I have to show it off! ?


The fact that this person not only ordered products from me on multiple occasions, but they took the time out of their day to make a social media post regarding one of my maps is HUGE to me.

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