Who Are We?



C.S.O. – Chief Slobber Officer

Every map that we design and print comes with a little bit of Marley love. Marley’s hobbies include jumping on Jeffrey, jumping on the maps, and just jumping in general. Marley’s fine detail contributions make each map unique, and they add that extra oomph that other map prints lack.

Every map you get from us has a little bit of her help.  She loves to sneak up and randomly jump on me while Im working on a map and it never fails she does it when Im doing the fine detail work! Its her way of contributing I guess :- ) !

Jeff Wilson


Jeff’s passions in life are annoying his wife and son, as well as making goofy faces when his wife tries to capture his photograph. Jeff’s wife loves Jeff. He swears. Jeff’s work at ParMar centers on finding vintage maps of old cities and buildings and revamping them with his own style and color schemes. He loves that his art is so customizable and speaks to the individuality of himself, as well as every one of his customers.

I love to annoy my wife and son. Im also really good at making weird/awkward faces when my wife is trying to take a picture of me. She LOVES IT!!!


Torrie Wilson

C.K.U.I.L.O. – Chief Keep Us In Line Officer & Designer

Full of excitement and energy (kinda like Marley), Torrie is the keeper of ParMar Media.  I have a tendency to come up with 500 maps/designs that I really want to do, but I will work on each sporadically depending on what’s on my mind that day.  She tries really hard to keep me in line on things, but sometimes I am as hardheaded as my dear dog Marley 🙂

Torrie is also a designer of many products within our shop.  She started with the Marathon Maps and branched off from there.